Game errors out when audio output is changed

Mac Technical Support
Issue I have found is that if the game is loaded and I change my audio output in System Preferences, the game will not allow me to play the game. I can get as far as finding a match but it doesn't get past the screen where it says "Jana VS Garrosh"

I can see the other opponent selecting cards, but I am unable to do so. All the way to the point where the game auto concedes my game.

So, issue seems to come from either changing sound output device, or alt tabbing out of full screen mode.
I have a similar problem. If I unplug headphones while the game is running, the audio will cut out completely and the matchmaking system will be unable to initiate a game past finding an opponent, at which point it will hang for a few minutes and then count it as a loss to both sides with no star or rank loss. Plugging the headphones back in does not help; the issue persists. Only fix is to restart the client.

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