Cannot Install Hearthstone beta on Mac OSX

Mac Technical Support
I've just got into the beta test.

Downloaded the installer, tried launching it multiple times, nothing happening.

No error messages, no pop ups.

I'm running Late 2012 iMac with GTX680 on Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9 GM.

Installed through the app and works fine.
Yes, same issue here. Tried downloading the game client and launching, but nothing happens. Read somewhere else that it might be an issue with OSX Mavericks, which I'm also running. I was able to install from the Desktop Launcher app with no issues.
I would love to test this on my macbook pro, but I can't even install the app for desktop. Does the same thing with it. Nothing happens, no pop ups, nothing.
Similar issue here...running OSX Mavericks. Click to download the client from the page and nothing happens. Will try the desktop launcher app...
Got it to work! Solution can be found from this thread.

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