[Bug] Two Issues: Ice Block / Deck Editor

Technical Support
Issue #1: I had Ice Block in play and was taking Fatigue Damage. Since the Fatigue Damage was lethal, I wasn't sure what was going to happen, whether Ice Block would trigger or if it would bypass it. However, instead of finding out, the game just completely froze when my turn came around and I had to quit out. When I logged back in, I still got Quest Credit for the game played though so obviously it resolved somehow in my loss, I just wasn't able to see it.

Issue #2: Occasionally the Deck Editor won't let me edit a deck I've previously made. I've tried restarting the program and creating new decks, but in both cases the decks I've made remain locked, including the new ones I create after editing them. I can click on them to delete the decks, but nothing else. Sometimes after a restart though, I can edit the decks again, but after a bit they lock up for some reason, I'm not sure what causes it.
ISSUE#1 happened on me as well. The game just frozen, even if i hit the 'end turn'.
This has happened to me twice now in arena. Both times the fatigue damage would have been lethal and if the card is supposed to trigger by fatigue damage I would have won both games. I am currently waiting stuck on the enemy turn screen in my second game, but in my first I waited till the Hearthstone closed screen and logged back on to see that it counted my first game as a win.

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