Game will not start

Mac Technical Support
Keeps coming up with this :
| "Oops! Playful sprites have disrupted hearthstone as it was linking up to the service.
| Please wait for them to disperse and try relaunching the game."

What does this mean? I have waited like 5mins and re-launched the game, still no luck!

I am on a Retina macbook pro 15", but i do have it connected to a screens so it should still work : /
Same Problem, just get the "CLOSED" and playful sprites message, impossible to play.... :(
Same problem here as well
Yup, I have this problem too
I'm having this same problem too.
It seems to be now fixed!
Same issue here :/
I've been having somewhat of the same problem when i try to fight another quest it will not even start just keep on filling up on the blue bar. I have an Ipad so it's probaly sine of the ios update.
GhostDragon, this issue is from last year so the original cause is likely resolved. If this is occuring on iPad, can you try the steps here to see if that addresses your issue? Keep in mind that Hearthstone is currently in maintenance and the game is offline. Once maintenance concludes you should be able to play again.

If your issue continues to persist, please post in our Mobile Bug Report Forums. Our Quality Assurance team will investigate!
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