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I am not talking about the problem have not to be able to login right now, I know its in maintenance..

My problem is that ... When I usually play, every 5-10 minutes, I get dced, it says battle net stopped working or w/e, and it always happen when im in a game or something ...... and it really happens every 5-10 minutes.

Its not my internet connection, and ive been playing a lot of games and never had issue with any.

Anyone know or also got this prob?
Same here but usually after a game or 2. And that's just in practice mode. Started after the patch.

Could it be everything is down/unstable at the moment?
same issue here, very frustrating...
hopefully they get this issue under wraps
Anyone can help us?
Ditto on the disconnect issues. My connection is not actually going down; I've verified that. I am unable to play for more than a few minutes at a time and have no access to purchase, etc.

Being disconnected mostly into a late game. I'm disconnected from the match back to the lobby, not completely away from the server.
Maybe one of Illidan Stormrage's abilities is to disconnect you when he's losing :) FYI, still having this problem after waiting all day and trying again. Seems to happen consistently when I play the Illidan Stormrage character and play a card with "Charge" ability- may be totally unrelated but has happened several times at the same point.
Still having the problem ..
I seem to get the same issue. It gets a pain when it happens in an arena and I end up with a lose against me. This evening it happened twice during arena matches, thus I ended up losing the arena and the money I spent to buy the gold!!
Same here. Don't worry, you're not alone.
Its just happened to me for the probably around 20th time in arena again, infact I got a disconnect about 30 mins ago, played another game against a mage, won it then lost the next to another disconnect. I suck as it is so having a disconnect making me lose additional games is really a frustration. I'm not too fussed about the money I'm putting into the game atm as I know it is still in beta and bad things are expected to happen but it does get really frustrating. I hope this issue is fixed soon.

We just moved over to a better internet connection and I was watching online TV at same time as these disconnects so can confirm that it is not at my end.

Is there any logs you need from my PC to help solve the issues?

yeah having issues finishing games without dc.
dont think its my internet connection was stable yesterday
This is really annoying as I am not even able to finish one single game without getting disconnected.
It is not my network and not my internal configuration as this computer is in DMZ zone for gaming purposes.
The problem is, I have created 2 arena decks and am getting constant losses due to these disconnections.

I would not personally say that this might related to a card, character or deck. It happens every time.

Blizzard please assist us with this, the game is currently unplayable for me. It is getting a bit frustrating as you don't have the certainty that you will actually be able to finish one game without disconnections.

Thank you.
I have been having the same problem. I get to play half of the games I start and the rest are disconnects. my internet speed is 117Mbps, it is WI-fi but I've been watching and it isn't disconnecting nor does the battle.net app say it is disconnected when this happens. It leaves the game unplayable when all three loses in area are because of this.
happened to me just right now..
I was playing, and the message shows:

You were disconnected from Battle.net.
Restart Hearthstone to reconnect.

Any reason for that??

#Happened second time now..
Same. I lost two arena matches for this reason, WHEN i was winning. What a waste of $$$.
This keeps happening to me as well
I am having the same issue as well. I have been trying to defeat Hemet, and the game keeps giving me disconnect errors. For me however, it is at different times in the match, so I don't think it's a particular card or ability that is causing the disconnect. I have also checked my internet connection, and do not seem to be having problems with that either. I am just glad to know that I am not the only one having this problem, and I hope that they resolve this issue soon!
I had the same issue it seems to have stopped though, i'll edit this post if it happens again. I've disconnected twice so far and yesterday I played / ran this fine for like 5 hours and never disconnected. Today I played for like an hour and disconnected twice within the hour.

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