Can't play Practice Mode

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I play Hearthstone on my 2010 Macbook Pro. When I got my Beta Key and started playing everything worked fine. However now when I login to play Practice Mode with any deck/character it shows the funny loading bars constantly and never gets to the gameboard. I can do "Play" mode fine but no practice mode.

On my iMac at home I can play all modes no problem.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, logging in, out restarting, the usual stuff. Please help!
Same for me.
Same for me.

Stucks on Starting Game in Practice Mode. Tried Repair, delete cache - no effect.
Same here, on windows.
Same here
I have a similar problem, although I haven't tried Play mode. I keep getting a notice about "Playful Sprites" and all stopping my from connecting via, then it exits.
I start the game, see the intro movie, then it says "Click to Play" I click the music fades out and it sits at the screen with the spinning dial. Playing on a dell with Windows
Same problem on both Mac and Windows that I can see... and there's multiple topics on this.
i cant play practice mode either just sitting here waiting
I think it might be a server issue...
Guys It seems to be happening to a lot of people including me so that suggests that it's on their side and I'm sure it will be fixed soon.
:( so when we can get news about that problem ( count me too ) :(
Yeah its quite annoying
Having a similar issue here on 2010 Macbook Pro 13". No problem with Play Mode but when loading Practice Mode the bars get stuck and then I get an error message.
Same issue but cant play either mode
Same issue here. I have windows
same issue here too :/
Can you guys post your system specs? That would be a great help to some of the more technical members to see if we can figure out the problem.
This just started happening to me.. the dial keeps spinning and spinning but it will never put me in the game and I am doing practice mode. I have tried closing the game restarting everything and nothing seems to work )=

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