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Like many users I am having the issue of loading into a hearthstone main screen, having 'Click to Start' fail then using the 'Credits' button to get into my client.

After that none of us can do anything because we are not done the tutorials and havent unlocked enough. We need our accounts reset back to the start of the tutorials.

To reproduce this issue
, sign into hearth stone with a brand new account, ALT+F4 before making any moves in your first match (this is usually caused by a crash or loss of internet but alt f4 simulates it). Then reload the client and you will have the above problem.

Either blizzard should fix the client to auto reload the tutorials, or should reset the accounts that have not finished them yet.

This really wrecked m beta experience so far, have to watch my friends play while I cant due to a crash in my first game. Anyways please fix, feel free to ask for any other stuff you need.

I need the same done aswell, please help. has been a waste of time to download if we cant play
"waste of time"...

So, this is your first beta, then?
"waste of time"...

So, this is your first beta, then?

Must be.
I am still rather surprised an option to access the tutorial is not available from any of the menu screens.
Just quitting and re-entering brought me back to the box, without the practice/play buttons (i.e. back to the "tutorial" section, which seems bugged out right now). Still having the impossible start issue, but the credits trick doesn't permanently skip the tutorial, it seems; only while the client is open (at least, for me.)
Same issue :-/

I need my account reset to begin the tutorials.
Me too, I have done the "credits" work around and now there is no option for me to choose a hero and I have missed the tutorial
The same thing has happened to me. >>; I decided to stream my Hearthstone experience with my boyfriend since WoW's pretty empty tonight. Can't even do that, now. x -x;
Add me to the list.
One more : /
Same here
Same problem here, need that reset. Can't do anything.
I am in the same boat. Was so excited to get started tonight too!
Please reset my account as well as I am having the exact same issues stated above - stuck with no heroes or deck after tutorial fail. Cannot access tutorial. Please halp. Thank you!
im stuck with all you as well and just incase you were wondering buying cards does not fix the issue i tried that and it was a waste...
Had the same problem. I'd never seen someone start playing the game, so I thought maybe I could just buy some cards for a work around. Seems I'm out a few bucks now as well.
Same here Stuck without tutorial
Same here as well. How can you screw up the starting up of a game? Especially since you already had it working.
Make that one more person. sigh...

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