Issue - No Tutorial - Reproduction Explained 'click to start'

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OSX 10.6.8

Windows 7

Just wanted to let folks know I'm able to play for the first time! Whatever changes have been made have finally allowed me to get passed initial Click to Start. Loading of the chest opening was a little laggy, but I made it through. Reload your game settings and give it a whirl!
Yeah it finally let me play too. It didn't freeze on me at all while I was playing the tutorial.
Windows 7

North America
To reproduce this issue, sign into hearth stone with a brand new account, ALT+F4 before making any moves in your first match (this is usually caused by a crash or loss of internet but alt f4 simulates it). Then reload the client and you will have the above problem.

I would definitely not try this. :/ I almost never use Alt + F4 to exit a game... Especially games that are online... Bad move bro... Bad move...

Hi, I'm from Brazil and had the same problem. A blue( said on PT forums to do these two things:

Works!! Thank you!!
Don't know if this was meant to be solved during the maintenance, but I'm still having this problem, including after clearing files and the cache again.
Still having troubles
Necrobump for an issue I was hoping would have been resolved by now (been regularly opening Hearthstone to no avail).
Just downloaded the game. Same click to start issue. No tutorials loading. Super bummed out.
Not... not sure if my problem is relevant here, but I cannot start the game at all, it tells me "You need to make a conversation with a friend to play" or something of that nature.

I just want to learn how to play first, but so far no go. Any help? :c
Im having the same problem. I actually reinstalled the game and it still won't work.
Im having the same problem. I actually reinstalled the game and it still won't work.

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