Game froze twice, got 2 Arena losses.

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I was trying to play an Arena deck and my game froze twice. The first time, it was during game search, the wheel kept spinning for >15min and the cancel button wasn't responsive so I quit the game, when I came back, I had an extra loss on my deck.

Then I tried playing another game and during the game, my turn was done but clicking "End Turn" didn't result in anything. I waited for a very long time and my character kept saying those "thinking" stuff but I didn't run out of time nor the game got responsive. I quit the game and when I reconnected, I was awarded another match loss.

This is really unfortunate. Got 2 losses in arena out of game bugs.
That really sucks man. Hopefully Blizz is taking note of what is going on and is working on making sure it doesn't happen when it goes live.
i paid for arena then lost due to a DC at THEIR end.

really bad :/
hey lost 2 arenas also due to freeze, what happened was, me> pal v war the other guy used a brewmaster to return a novice engineer to his hand then played again that's when it froze
it was an ancient brewmaster if that makes a difference, * this note is from the second crash*
the first i'm pretty sure was similar I think it was youthful brewmaster the first time hope you guys can look into it soon
ill admit im not great at making arena decks, but id rather lose to my own merit and the luck of draw then a bug
it would be nice to be reimbursed somehow for the arenas
Bump to see if a Blue sees this. It's a beta but I lost real money there due to a bug and would like an answer.
Bump again. Please, I really would like an answer
So I guess we're like "screw customers who paid and lost their money due to bugs" right?
Man, I just had something similar happen. I was in an arena match, his turn didn't seem to end. Then I see 2-3 turns pass where I do nothing, and he gets several turns in a row. I'd be so pissed if I used real money for this arena. Really sucks to be winning, then lose due to a server issue/bug.
Same thing just happened to me as well. Lost 2 games due to this.

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