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I swear the guy I just played againt must have cheated. His name was *EDITED OUT*, game happened at arround 11:10 CET.

On first turn, he coined and used the orc 2/2 taunt guy, on 2nd turn, he held a card in air above him for far longer than one turn length. He must have either expected me to quit or it was the key to what he pulled off next. He finally put down a totem and a bunch of other stuff, think he had like 5 cards down. After that, I dunno what he hit me with, but I remember that orc alone swinged at me 3 times (no windfuries in game). I was down to 17 hp by the end of what appeared to be his 2nd round. Regardless to say, I finally got my turn again, but the out of time rope appeared rather soonish. Ofcourse I conceded with my 1/1 in play and 17hp left.

I suspect he somehow bypassed my 2nd and 3rd turn by holding that card up in the air, then did 3 of his own turns in his "2nd turn". The amount of time he held it up would about suit the amont 4-ish rounds. He quite obviously cut into the time of my "2nd" turn aswell, since the burning rope appeared after just a few seconds in for me.

That's all, hope it gets fixed before release and cheaters of this caliber be punished accordinly...ofcourse that might be a problem with the game's free to play nature.

EDIT: removed name.
Sounds like you#ve been lagging pretty bad.
Don't you just get booted in case of connection issues?
yup, definitely lag.
I got that often during evening times.

don't attribute technical faults as malice.

it's Beta, not all servers are deployed. expect lags like this. just report your findings, and leave the gamer tag out of your post.

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