in game store Payment method update loop !!

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Hi guys

i can't buy from ingame store at all
i have battlenet balance and i have updated with credit card info as well, but when ever i try to buy , it keeps on telling me i have no payment method, keep on telling me to update, but after i have updated my payment method many times and i can see my payment info in battle net.

it will still do the same thing, just keep on going in a loop :(
i have no parental control, and i have added Amex, Visa , paypal

nothing works :( just keep on looping with the mes telling me to update payment method :(

Please help iam trying to spend money with u guys blizzard :(
someone plaese help?
dude make sure under parental settings you have Diablo III Real Money Auction House ticked, if you dont have this you need to install just the installer for diablo, then go to parental controls make sure diable real money auction is ticked then you should be able to buy from hearthstone store
I dont even have that option, because i never had it set up :(
still not working anyone have the same issue?
can anyone help?
Can someone please help????

or is anyone getting this or it's just me?

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