Hearthstone shuts off my computer

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There I was, having a fine match with my new Warrior build, doing pretty well against some crazy Druid deck. Then my computer shut off. Not lockup, not quit to desktop, shut off my computer.

I've checked the minimum specs, and been to CanYouRunIt.com, and my hardware is fine (no trouble at all with WoW).

I would play this game more often if I could finish a game without my computer shutting down.
I would like to say I suffered the same problem. My client got shutted off quite often when I finished a game.

Overheating is the most likely cause for a computer suddenly shutting down. That or a lack of power all of a sudden.

To check for overheating, download and run HWMonitor from: http://www.cpuid.com/downloads/hwmonitor/1.23-setup.exe

Now start the game and let it run several minutes. Then exit or alt-tab out and see what the highest temperature is that was reached for both the cpu and gpu (video card).

You might also check to be sure your power cord is securely attached in back of the computer and that's it's plugged in tight to your AC outlet. If you have a laptop, make sure you're using AC power and not relying on just the battery. A cooling pad can also help a lot for overheating laptops.

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I have the same problem and it also happens in starcraft 2. I checked temperature and disc error and run a memory monitor to see if any crash happened, but it seems both starcraft 2 and hearthstone looks fine with there issues. My friends do not have this problem, so I guess it may be hardware or software conflict? But it should not shut off my laptop suddenly at all, at least a blue screen to tell me what is wrong.

I may run it on VM later after thanks giving to see what happened to my system, but I heard someone tried and it shut off his computer.

Unexpected shut off burned my hard disc 2 month ago when i was running SC2, so i replaced a new one but it fixed nothing and now it happen again.

What's the max temperature you're seeing for the cpu and gpu while playing the game?

The game itself has no way to shut off a computer. It can stress components though and that could possibly cause a PC not being cooled properly to have issues.

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First, it shut off my laptop as expected. I dont want it burn my hardware again.

The result is normal during the game. My cpu is Intel Core i7 740QM
Core temperatures: min 61 (141 F), max 80 (176 F); 2 F difference for each core
CPU powers: min 13.78W, max 54.21W

NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M
Voltages 0.900 V
Temperatures: min 57 (134 F), max 63 (145 F)

I also run it on VM and it shut down the computer in around 10 min.
This temperature is normal during game. I record the HWMonitor just before shut off, in case it can help.

Enjoy Thanks Giving!

If your cpu is hitting 80C, it's getting on the hotter side. Your BIOS may have a threshold configured close to that to shut down the PC if it gets too hot too.

I'd try running Prime95, a cpu/ram stress test program. It can heat up a cpu very quickly, 10-15 seconds, and if your PC shuts down when it's run, I'd have to say yours is definitely overheating.

Prime95 can be found here: http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/Prime95-Download-76537.html

Try to have a temp monitoring program up when running it so you can monitor how hot it gets. Enthusiasts will typically run this overnight to test a PC for stability. Any properly configured and cooled PC should run it with no trouble.

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I have the same problem, but my laptop is not overheating. It's only when I play Hearthstone (WoW and other games work fine). Sometimes I can play a few games before it shuts down but sometimes I can't even finish one game. I've heard a lot of people with the same problem btw
Not sure why you resurrected a nearly 7 month old thread, but I have zero issues playing on laptop.

To try and begin to troubleshoot you should post your dxdiag file and test the system with something like 3dMark.
im having same issue .... im playing diablo 3, worldof warcraft without any problem ... also high end games like fallout 4, witcher 3, dragon age inquisition... my pc not shutting down for these games .... im totally confused why simple game like hearthstone overheating my pc???!!!
Same problem. I have more than enough to play this game and fallout 4 and a game of chess at the same time id say. Comp doesnt shut down except after about 20 mins or less of gameplay in HS. windows 10. I7 core. 8 gigs ram. 2 geforce cards running SLI... like 8 fans, 12 including graphics cards, 13 including heat sinc fan... what the heck did you or the MS guys do? ive been playing this fine for years and never a problem with windows 10 until recently. Please look into this more. It looks like a heating or power supply issue but it just isnt...
This seriously needs to be looked into a lot more... this isn't a few isolated incidents when we give you money for this...

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