Didnt get achiev for getting all the basics

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I had to quit from my game. I was on my hunter who was gonna turn 10 and he was my last class to hit level 10. When I logged in and he was 10 , and I got the cards and the notification that I hit 10 but I didnt get the 100g for getting them all to 10. And I didnt get a quest accomplished. Is that quest no longer available? I know my friends got it recently

This is a duplicate post of the one from you that was moved to the Bug Reports forum earlier.

Unfortunately, there's nothing Customer Support can do about it. The achievement is still active so if you've met the requirements, you should receive it. I'm afraid we won't be able to replace any gold or cards you believe to be missing or not awarded.

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Well that's a shame to hear (read).

My game closed as I got my last class to level 10 a few minutes ago. When I got back on, I received my Ironbark Protectors, but I didn't get the achievement.

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