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so i run the game from a laptop with a 2nd monitor attached, i play the game in WINDOW mode so that i can still easily access my desktop and things on the side.

HOWEVER, if i drag the window to the 2nd monitor i'm not able to press any of the buttons/features in the game window, if i drag it back over to the main monitor(laptop) i'm able to interact with the buttons.
Are you running on Mac OS Mavericks?
MAC OS 10.7.5

not sure what its called.
I'm also having a problem with dual monitors. I am running Mountain Lion. Hearthstone will not work properly in windowed mode if the window is not on the same monitor as the menu bar. Also, there isn't any way to run it full screen on the non-menubar window. (The graphics are awesome. Would rather see them on the 27" then the small laptop screen.)
Same on Mac OS X Mavericks. When Hearthstone is on the second monitor, mouse clicks don't do anything, except sound of clicking.

Running on Macbook Air 2012.
My issue with dual monitor (Mavericks) is this:

I ran the game and the left (main) monitor was gray, the second one had the game. The problem is that the gray one is the one who responds to input.

Moving my cursor in the gray one was highlighting stuff on the second one. I was able to go to options and disable full screen to be able to play.

I prefer windowed mode, but feedback is always feedback.

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