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Sooo, I guess this is the place to report bugs? Why is there no more formal place?

Anyway, playing in Arena, board is my 7/7 (down from 7/14) taunt Temple Enforcer (which had been enhanced by both Hand of Argus and Divine Spirit), my 3/3 Hand of Argus, and my 2/4 taunt Disciple of Pain (Hand of Argus'd), vs my opponent's 1/3 Master Swordsmith and 2/1 Silver Hand Recruit (from Swordsmith). Needless to say, I'm playing Priest and my opponent is Paladin. The board is the jungle setting, and life totals are 26 to 19, his favor. We each had three cards in hand. It was his turn 9, with him having gone second.

He plays Holy Wrath, aimed at my Enforcer, and it takes four, going to 7/3. Then he plays Truesilver Champion (I assume this is what he drew, because this is where it gets buggy). The weapon icon doesn't go to the usual place, but kinda hangs out in the middle, immediately below the paladin icon of my opponent.

My opponent then proceeds to highlight all of cards and move around the red arrow wildly all over the screen, which I took to mean he couldn't make the game respond anymore, although he was clearly still connected. His turn never ends. The fuse counting down to the end of his turn never shows up, and Tirion just keeps saying "I wonder" and "Let me think" over and over and over. After about 5 minutes my opponent stopped making any obvious attempt to interact with the game, but it still kept going. I've left the game up while typing this, and still no change, after maybe 20 minutes?

Two questions: first, is this really the only place to report this? Because a forum isn't exactly ideal for this. Secondly, am I going to get a loss for disconnecting? Because I was totally winning that game. If you guys don't have a system for reimbursing people, you need to get one.
Just an update. I did exit the game to get out of the match, and I re-entered and see a loss recorded. That is officially bullcrap.

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