How to report spammers who briefly "friend"?

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I've had a couple people do this. I get a friend request. I accept the friend request. The person sends a message about where I can buy WOW gold, then immediately un-friends me. Because he's no longer on my friend list, I can't report him. This happens so fast that I have absolutely no opportunity to even grab his full Battle.NET tag.

There should be a way to report people who you're no longer friends with, for a little while, at least.
Hey mate,

The key with this is don't accept unknown friend requests. But I do agree it's annoying. As for your suggestion it's best if you want to discuss(get advice etc) general things or ideas/suggestions etc to post in the general discussion forum here:

As this is a technical support forum, it won't get attention from the right people or general population.
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