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Has anyone noticed an increased lag while playing recently? Within the last 2 days I have seen a dramatic increase in lag to the point I can't actually play cause I am either forced to concede with in the first few rounds cause I can't lay down a card or forced to skip my turn completely cause it lags out and passes me like I was just stalling. I have never experienced lag in Hearthstone before and its only come into effect since late Monday night. My internet is running smooth, connections to Diablo and WoW experience no lag. Just want to see if this is happening to others on a larger scale or just something happening on my end that I need to try and fix.
I've been seeing this as well. Started playing on my (2008) Macbook Pro tonight, and 2-3 times per game an order would lag out until the end of turn rope started burning. Never seen that happen on my PC in the past.
Having this issue too... Has cost me at least two arena games and is constantly annoying and I have to make quick decisions because my turn is about to run out.
The same has happened to me but since sunday. I started playing last week and there was nothing wrong the suddenly ton of lag where I had a game with all my turns skipped. I don't think it's my ISP because I still get my 200mb and neither WoW, SC2 or LoL lag out.
happened to me as well. It was because season was trying to end and I was mid game. after about 10mins the game dced and my season results appeared
Yep been having the same problem since the new season (may) began. My turns lag hard, everything else responds correctly; the chat, the red marks highlighting the selected cards etc. Then a lot of the time I'll input a move or two and the game won't resume until the rope starts burning, which I can then input moves again (for 15 seconds or however long). This has made the game almost unplayable, I can imagine how frustrating it can be for the opponents too.

Absolutely terrible lag and yet again Blizz puts something out with extremely poor service.

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