Game keeps closing on me on startup

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Game keeps closing on me when i open it or when i get to the main menu (its the furthest ive gotten)

any way i can resolve this?
I am also getting a timeout error message. Any help is much appreciated! :D
same error here. I start up the game, get the "hearthstone: Beta" then the screen goes black and all i can do is click on the options, then the game closes with an error saying that i can not connect to
i get the same message
Yeah same here, can't get into game. :(
From the launcher....pretty obvious. big "Breaking News!":

Hearthstone will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on 1/16/2014 at 10:00 AM PST. The maintenance is expected to complete within 2 hours. Hearthstone will be unavailable for play during this time.

It started an hour ago, so another hour or so to go, foreseeing there aren't any problems I suppose. Blizzard is notorious for extending maintenance though, so I wouldn't put it past them.
noon pst is 3 pm est. Just an fyi. Thats probably why I can't log in XD
I have the same problems as the game time run out.. what does it means by that?
I can't open the game, as soon as I open the app, it goes to the main menu, then closes!
Locking thread due to age. If help is still needed please start a new thread and include as much information as possible.

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