Warlock 14/20 cards glitch

Bug Report
After hitting level 10, I created a warlock deck and was going to test it on AI. My client crashes before the match starts so I re-logged but I'm stuck with 14/20 cards and can't use the custom deck. I deleted the deck and I leveled up to 12 but still stuck with 14/20.
I had something of the sort happen to me today to after the patching this morn. leveled rogue to 10 no prob went to other room for a quick sec came back and client was crashed. the crash said something about the sprites something something now im stuck at 18/20 cards for rogue. tried to lvl to 11 and did nothing . waited all day and no change. also restarted client a few diff times and did nothing. plz help us we just want to play our decks blizzard!
This is a bad problem that I hope Blizzard fixes ASAP. From my vantage point, it appears like the following happens:

1. Get to level 2, unlock 2 new cards (in this case, Assassin's Blade)
2. Go to Collection, add 2x Assassin's Blade to Rogue Deck
3. Go back to practice, start a game w/ Rogue
4. Game crashes thanks to our friendly sprites
5. Reload game, go to practice mode
6. See that Rogue deck has an X through it
7. Go to Collection... Assassin's Blades are still in the deck but not backed up in the collection screen
8. If you remove the Assassin's Blades, they appear to be gone for good (cannot re-add them), but this then makes the deck playable

So there is some issue where the basic cards are not actually being unlocked permanently, then causing a host of problems.

Please fix Blizz!! Makes it extremely hard for us new players to actually get into casual/ranked mode if we can't even unlock the most basic cards.

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