Cannot open constructed deck.

Mac Technical Support
I cannot open a constructed deck in my collection.

I was just playing ranked. I got to two star Murlock. Went to change decks to a new Shaman deck I constructed and it had a red 'X' through it so I couldn't use it.

Went to collection because I thought the deck had been missing cards. Clicked on the deck and couldn't open it up. On top of that, I have four other decks two of which I also cannot open it up. So out of my five decks, I can't open up three of the decks.

I'm going to try to close down the client and see if this helps.
I was disenchanting cards earlier today, and after a few I noticed my dust level wasn't going up. Even though the D/E animation and confirm was going off, my cards weren't being disenchanted. So, quitting and logging back in fixed that issue for me. I assume it's probably a similar issue.

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