Hearthstone crashes

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Right now Hearthstone doesn't start properly. I can see the mighty "door" to the Hearthstone bar but it won't let me in... but I'm allowed to drink after 10:00 PM and I am old enough too. So please somebody tell someone in charge to open the freaking door... I need my fill!


(oh, mentioning graphic issues in post below)
Same... I was playing pre-update but now i'm stuck outside the door
Same here,Only able to go to the mighty door.Then the game not respond at all…
I'm only experiencing this from today.
I also reinstalled the game.Won't helped
Same here too...
same here aswell...yesterday it worked,today i cant open dah doorz...pls help
So now I was able to get in for a few game.But still experiencing some issues.Probably because of the open beta?
Same here!
Not work to in, you get crash
I believe i have the same problem. Cant get past the door. Though i can acces the main menu of the game (Options, Quit, etc..).
Also worth mentioning i tried to reinstall. No effect.
Same here. If have this.


Anyone else?
Same :'(

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