Cards Overlapping - Affects Gameplay

Mac Technical Support
I have a pretty consistent issue of cards overlapping for me (and ultimately one of them becomes unplayable). This occurs in both fullscreen and non-fullscreen modes, at 2560x1440. I have three monitors (all Thunderbolt displays). It tends to occur at least slightly more frequently whenever I do anything in another application while playing. It's infuriating, I've lost a few games because of it.

Anyone else encountering this problem? Runs fine on my macbook for the most part.


Mac Pro (Late 2013)
16 GB of RAM
FirePro D700
I had the same issue. In fact that's why I came here. I was about to win and I ran into this bug. Frustrating to say the least. The card that you draw overlaps a card already in your hand and then it becomes unplayable. Same issue I just wanna throw my hat in this ring to help you confirm it.

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