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Has anyone else on a Mac laptop had issues related to the recent patch from a week or two ago? My laptop is a macbook pro, and the game is almost unplayable. The lag from any action is extremely frustrating. It's like move - wait 2 seconds, see an action. I assumed it was everyone that was dealing with an almost unplayable game, but I tried the game on my 5 year old dell laptop and my nearly 10 year old desktop, and the game is running smoothly (and enjoyable) on both.

It's not a connection problem because I've got a very strong internet connection and lots of bandwidth (more than 50 megs down and 15 up).

Let me know if 1) you have noticed a big change over the last few weeks in terms of responsiveness. or 2) if you have changed something to deal with this. If others are dealing with this, maybe this should be looked at by the blizzard team. If I had just joined the open beta and had thought this was the status quo, I likely wouldn't have played for more than a day or two before discarding the game.
Can anyone actually play this game on a mac right now? I tried again yesterday with my 1 year old laptop, and the game is still completely unplayable. You act, and then wait two or more seconds to see an action. Sometimes it just lags out for 10 to 30 seconds. Often it doesn't switch to be my turn until after the rope appears. As someone that plays on both a mac and PC, the PC version is in 100x better place than the mac one. Let me know if I'm alone because all I read on these forums is people saying the same issues (primarily lagging and disconnects) but no response from blizzard.
I got the exact same problem. I thought it was HS lagging (everyone). But my friends told me everything is fine (on PCs). It's unplayable right now for me. I can barely finish all my moves during my turn.

I was on the closed beta and everything always ran fine. It seems to be this way for the last what?... 1-2 weeks?

If anyone could help us out, it would be really appreciated!

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