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After accidentally exiting the fullscreen mode by pressing Command F, I pressed command F again to restore it back to fullscreen.

However, as it went into fullscreen mode the graphics have changed. The board has become very narrow and because of this it is difficult to read the writing.

Is there any way to get around this problem?
When you restart the game, it will not fix the issue?

In case it does not, you want to go into your Battle.net Launcher , click on the Settings in the top left corner , by clicking on the Battle.net Beta Logo , then you can reset Hearthstone back to the default settings.
Issue resolved! Thank you very much!
I had the same issue and "resolved" it the same way. However, although the resolution is back to normal in menu, it still looks distorted during gameplay - the board is narrowed with black bars to the sides (but the usernames and options button are placed at the monitor borders like normal).

I should mention that I play on a Mac Mini connected to the TV and there are no resolution options to choose from in the options menu.

edit: On closer inspection, the menus are distorted as well. It seems the fullscreen resolution is the same as the windowed resolution but stretched.

I finally managed to solve the issue by changing the main resolution of my Mac Mini back and forth and then restarting the client.
I had the same problem but resetting to defaults has not solved it.
When in windowed mode the game is really wide but in the right proportions, when in fullscreen its really 'skinny' and there is less resolution.

Please Help me!!!

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