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I have a topic here, but I might as well have one here, too.

Basically I get 2 or 3 error messages that won't let me connect to, forcing me to stay offline. This only started yesterday after many months of using

I've flushed my DNS, deleted and uninstalled, deleted the agent folders, turned on secondary log in, double checked my firewall is off, I'm not currently using anti-virus software, I updated my adobe flash and checked my internet connection.

It appears that the problem is on your side, not mine. Feedback would be nice, I have a support ticket up, but I have not been able to update it as I posted about 5 times in 3 hours, some of which were out of anger. anyways, I'm still looking for a fix. Just dumped $70 into Hearthstone, really bummed to lost 150 gold by not playing yesterday.

Funny thing is, yesterday morning, everything worked fine. I went to sleep, woke up and then suddenly started acting like a 2 year old baby. Seriously, please help!
having the same issue myself at the moment just dropped 50 bucks on packs last night was excited to be playing with my new toys and now ,, notta...
I keep getting the same thing with an error code BLZBNTBGS80000012, 113, 122, 33, BLZTCGBGS80000012
Should be back up guys.

I'm in a match now with a Mage.
I cant log in my hearthstone i get an error for my internet bad it's not my internet the problem
Same here!
Still not working man. It gives me the playful spites and sends me packing @.@
Same here. Cant log in... It has been like that for 45 mins now..... :((((
same here. same error code as above.

until yesterday it worked fine. after updating the battle net agent this morning it stopped working and connection to battle net fails.
Same thing. Had it yesterday, then it was working this afternoon. Now it is back to not being able to get online to battlenet at all (as yesterday).
Same thing to me !!!
Yeah I haven't been able to get on for maybe an hour now. I had the problem earlier today, then the launcher updated itself, and I played for an hour or so, and now I can't get online on bnet.
Yep, same issue here too
Just 2 days ago the servers were down due to maintenance, seems that they are again today....any idea how long they'll be down for, I have a couple meetings this morning and would like to get a few games in before hand...thank you.
same here
Same here. Constantly clicking "Go Online" button but its just giving BLZBNTBGS80000012 (33) error.

Edit: Most annoying part is i cant go online whereas my friends can play arena.
BLZBNTBGS80000012 (33) error
How does it take over an hour for blizzard to acknowledge a server issue....

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