Frequent Disconnect ?

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any one else ?
Today I got 2 and yesterday I got 1 disc (all in arena matches u.u)...
(EU Server)
same here, got 3 disconnects in a row just now in the arena, really really frustrating, really hope blizzard will do something about it soon
Got 6 disconnects 5 of which were in the arena.
I've been disconnected about 11 of my last 12 games. This needs to get fixed soon. It worked great until yesterday and now I can't finish a game.
Yep, constantly. Two in arena, one now in ranked.

Game is currently unplayable.
Glad some other people are having trouble. I've been playing Hearthstone for about 2 weeks. I unlocked all the characters in practice mode and have only been playing casual play mode, and the occasional arena run.

Today I started playing ranked games. I was doing great then disconnects started breaking my streaks. I've gotten 4-5 now. I was starting to get paranoid that this was some sort of exploit... I hope it's just
I just got back-to-back disconnects ... I enter the arena, select my starting hand, then it disconnects... I don't want to try again because I already have two losses! Such a waste of my 150 gold!!!
Constant disconnects doesn't matter which mode I am playing. I don't do arena afraid to lose gold.
Since the last patch, I have been consistently disconnected. My internet connection is always 100% functional but I'm getting dropped by during mid-game. One of which was during an arena match.
Yep the DC's are crazy, the slightlest dip in Latency and it boots you. Seems to be a packetloss error at best guess.
Yup same here and with all of the friends I've asked. 3 games in a row. even ones in practice mode and yet no apparent connection problems on my end.
Same problem here, haven't been able to finish more than like 1/10 games since yesterday. Game just boots me out then tell me that i've been disconnected and should try to connect again :(
Yeah I just got disconnected in my first match today (ranked).
I got disconnected in the middle of Arena run....what now? I just lose 150 gold? My internet connection was fine , and I was still loged in to
Same issue here, more making arena matches which is more annoying...
The same here. In arena i got 2 disconects and two of my oponents also i think
couldnt fiinish even 1 arena match ... frustrated
I also have been getting much more disconnects recently on the EU server

This time I did get an error message below

Both machines I get disconnected on run windows8 ..... although I am not terribly convinced that I have a "underlying issue with your operating system" .....

Couldn't Write to Registry
Keywords: BLZBNTBGS8000000A
We couldn't launch %game% because your operating system wouldn't let us write to the registry.
Error: BLZBNTBGS8000000A, BLZBNTBGS80000022
This error appears when a file encryption failure occurs. It may indicate an underlying issue with your operating system.


Create a new administrator account to resolve certain registry issues.
Missing or corrupted Windows® system files may cause this error. Use System File Checker to repair and replace system files.
Windows XP
Windows Vista/Windows 7 (Windows 8 compatible)
If the solutions above do not work, there may be a larger issue with your operating system, specifically with the crypt32.dll file. Contact Microsoft or a certified computer technician for assistance repairing or replacing the file.
Updated: Feb 6, 2014
I have been getting disconnected from every game i play now. I have to reconnect for every turn. Ridiculous! And this just started happening in the last two weeks. I play on a new LG pad i just got at christmas, so i know its not my tablet. And i sometimes have pandora on in the background, and it never skips a beat. Clearly a tech bug in the system. Boo hearthstone.... Seems to have come with their last "update". PLEASE FIX!!

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