Game wont start!

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I am not getting any crashes or disconnection problems like many are having right now but I am having a problem where i am just in the beginning title screen. It is not frozen, still shows the Hearthstone symbol glowing. It stays in the title screen and nothing happens. Is there something wrong with the servers? Is the game down?
Having the exact same issue. I can press the 'Options' button in the bottom right of the screen, but that's about it
Same here. I guess the tavern is full and there isn't "always room for another".
Exact same issue .. reinstalled the game but no change ..
exact same issue (NA server)
blues where are you????
Same thing is happening for me. It's not frozen cause the logo at the top is flashing the blue color still. I'm stuck on the tavern screen. If I press the enter key it lets me know I don't have any friends online though lol.

I'm on the North American Server for those wondering.
You can even pull up the in-game options window by clicking on the bottom right corner of the screen (the options button is hidden under the blizzard logo) .. but cant get past the title screen ..
same here
Same for me, what is everyone running on? I'm on OSX mac book air. Everything was running great this morning.
This sucks!
This is also happening to me.
Same here. I'm running 64 bit Windows 7.
same. blues what is going on
Same thing. Tried restarting the harness and the game to no avail.
having same issue as well, sux!
Same here. Tried on 2 separate machines and the issue persists.
yep the sprites are out.

Both of my buddies who live near me aren't having any problems though. Why me? Why this?
me too, cannot get to decks or anything else, just opening screen
same problem over here :(

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