Just got disconnected, again.

Technical Support
Lost Arena duo Disconnect !!! i Paid for it !!!
2 disconnections already. What is problem with servers?
Worst part is that you lose one star in ranked game even if you winning that match!
They should do something similar to diablo disconect. If one is disconnected he does not lose his Nephalem valor stacks. Maybe to give some 1 or 2 minutes delay till you connect again and then continue match.
Known issues - Blizzard ****** servers

How hard is to make stable environment simple things like logging servers? If these things cant happen blizzard really should hire people that can.

Also is really sad that they don`t know how to use their official forums and battle.net client to inform players about their problem. "Ok so we have problems with our servers - Lets post to TWITTER" Shame on you. There should be big red warning text in client and forum.

ps. lost two games on arena thanks to blizzard.

How about fixing all the idiotic bugs. I know it is easier to get one big bug fix pack when beta ends, but that is just wrecking nerves of every player.

And now I have started this whining, why there are so little communication with blizzard staff in these forums. They should apologize in every thread for players their problems. They could make this game something really great with open good dialogue with players and building nice community but no...
same here
And another 2 Games lost because of the Client DC'ing.

Really need to fix this Blizz, packetloss errors are a big problem.
Agreed, the fact that they post the important things on twitter and not Battle.net is a joke, who the hell uses that crap anyways.
And here we go again DC from eu servers. Cant play this anymore when losing games for no apparent reason. Also day to fix problem but still getting packet losses. Oh come on blizzard. I know you have resources. This is just so ...

"+10 arena losses over the time by blizzard bad servers"
Just copped one Arena loss due to a crash, then a second one due to a Battle.net disconnect. This definitely needs to be fixed sooner rather than later, even though the game is in Beta, it is still accepting real money for Arena entry, so each disconnect during Arena matches is effectively costing players 50c each.
Constant disconnecting. Very annoying.

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