error code 2600: can't reinstall

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I just received this error in Win 7 with NO games installed while trying to install Bnet launcher by itself. There are no possible files that would cause this as this is a fresh install of Win7 and a fresh partition(I did not reformat, I repartitioned and created a whole new one for W7)

Funniest of all, I just installed Bnet Launcher and WoW in Linux under Wine fine like 2 days ago
I have avast 2014 anti-virus. this issue occured when i updated and did the un-godfully long update that took like 5 hours to download and then like 6 hours to optimize. game didnt work after that and found that avast antivirus was blocking the new client installer. i disabled the anti-virus for 10 minutes did the update and everything works great. i only have avast 2014 so i dont know if its the same for other anti-virus but its worth a shot.

works great now


on a side note, blizzard should get with antivirus companies and see if they can add an exception for this issue in the next update.

OR.. they could hire me, a IT professional and i could do it for them.... takes like 10 minutes.
is it the same thing for wow
@Korky : THANK YOU very much, it worked ! :)
I did try using my original diablo 3 dvd. (not the expansion) and then after installing the battlenet, I switched my dvd to reaper of souls and it works
Im still having this issue?, error 2600:/ HELP!!

06/06/2014 07:39 AMPosted by Riqz
Im still having this issue?, error 2600:/ HELP!!
I updated my nvidia drivers and got it to work
i have the solution, just change the location of the file, and all work.(windows 8)
ps: sorry for the bad english
Ok so I finally found a quick fix for this that worked for me.
once you get the error code, go into C:\ProgramData\\Setup\diablo3_ensg
and run the installer from there rather than off the install disk.
Not a computer wiz guys but I got it working for me so I thought I’d share how :)
hi guys, try download the newest app from the web and run setup from there instead of dvd. so far its work for me.
I also encounter this issue. But i realize my desktop personal firewall app might be blocking the updater connection. So i put the update app into the whitelist, everything working normal again.
I reinstalled it in Program Files instead of Program Files (x86) and it worked. Thanks!
Velnrak thank you alot! I only needed to run battle net as admin, then it worked. I also renewed and flushed my dns. Thanks again!

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