Can't swipe or Command+Tab in fullscreen

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03/12/2014 07:28 AMPosted by mrwho
If this isn't fixed I'll probably stop playing. With all the waiting you do in HS, being locked onto the game is just unacceptable, really.

this. horrible launch day surprise.
+1 , I knew this would spread fast.

Please need fix!!

EDIT: The only solution meanwhile i come up with , is "to desktop" your browser, so you can swap to it.

It is basically all I need.
this is so annoying, I can't even bring up radio or iTunes to change music while playing, please change asap
Same trouble here. Can't swipe or tab out anymore. Hope this wil be fixed very soon.
This is really annoyjing hope the devs take heart :)
Yeah, I have a Mac Pro and I used the equivalent of the keypad swipe, namely ctrl-left-arrow and ctrl-right-arrow, as well as ctrl-up-arrow for Mission Control. Basically....all Mission Control and Mac commands that are available to any app you have suddenly taken away. It was so nice for once to play a game that respected the OS commands I use day to day to do what I do...being able to swipe/key to another desktop to check an email, compile my codes, etc...

Please, please, for the love of Illidan Stormrage, reverse your recent disabling of precious OSX commands, it makes me feel useless, like I am on a PC, and I hate it.
03/11/2014 01:50 PMPosted by zwol
The Mac client was previously among the best Mac game clients. These changes are very un-Mac-like and remove normal functionality.

Another perfect summary.
Just adding my post the topic. This really negatively affects usability and I hope to see a fix soon!
Please fix, this is just wrong.
I'd like to add my comment to the many other. The old functionality was perfect for a Mac game. It fitted in with the rest of the system in the right way. It showed me the correct behaviour for a Mac game these days: being in its own space; supporting all the space changing trackpad gestures; as well as other standard functionality like Command-Tab; not effectively locking up the entire computer (and needed to resort to the power button) if it froze.

As I said, it was perfect, so much so that I would really encourage Blizzard to change their other games to work exactly the same way. That would be heaven.
I have a question for Blizzard-- What was the reason for making this change? Was it to address some problem? I'd like the old functionality back, but if we get it back, what potential bug would we be facing again?
Post for solidarity. This is a big issue for me, as I look at facebook\youtube in between turns. Blizzard, please fix!!!
Any news on this issue? Please fix this or give me ipad version :):)
I got the same problem.
Please fix !
Absolutely no reply from the most popular post on these forums right now AFAIK. After one day of release. Come on, Blizzard.
Gonna stop playing this game if this isn't fixed.
For the time being, I'm playing in full-screen windows mode. I hope they fix this issue soon.
Please Blizz, speak up!!!
All I kniw is that I used to be able to four finger swipe from hearthstone to my web browser etc.. and it was SO CONVENIENT. In fact, that ease of use made me want to play Hearthstone more. It also made it easier to switch between the forums or decklists and the game. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make four finger swipe between fullscreen apps work with Hearthstone again! Please.

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