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when playing from my Windows machine, I am able to create automatically create screenshots within the HS client by pressing PrntScrn.

I am unable to determine what the analogous hotkey is when playing from a MacBook Air.

From at the following link, I can see that other Blizzard games use F13:


However, this MacBook Air does not have an F13 key. Do I have to use the native Mac OS screenshot tool (CMD + SHIFT + 3/4) or is there a built-in key-binding?

I just use the OS version, it works fine. It's not like you lose quality or anything.
I don’t think there is a built-in key-binding on Mac. You can use the traditional method of using key combinations, but you can also use some other third-party tools which usually have their own hotkeys for you to take screenshots easily. For more info, please go to here: http://screenshot.net/screenshot-on-macbook-air.html

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