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Playing Hearthstone on a Mac, OS X 10.7.5. Almost every game I play now, the game locks up halfway through. The screen jumps to one side, so the rightmost edge of the game board is a couple inches into the lefthand side of the screen. The pinwheel starts spinning, and I have to hard-reset the computer. When I log back in, the game has allowed my opponent to keep playing while I do nothing. It's gotten to the point where I don't want to play Arena or Ranked, because I keep losing games due to freezes. I've done all the suggestions on this page: and it's still happening.
I installed today's patch and it's still happening. Does anyone know why? I enjoy the game, but this is making it impossible to play.
It's been a week... still happening.
You're not alone.
Using Mavericks here. Constant hangs. Doesn't happen when I play on my iPad.
My last two games hung half way through.
Same here. I wish that we'd actually get responses on these boards or at least a better ratio than the present or past. Definitely has me not wanting to play Hearthstone any longer if it's going to constantly freeze up and there's nothing to be done about it.
I have similar issues... sometimes locks/freezes while the game loads then almost every game I lose one (or several rounds) due to hangups and d/cs.

Its sad that, while Mac OSX is an available platform for play, it seems to be forgotten in the forums for support :( Why bother offering it if you won't even address (or simply acknowledge) forum concerns?
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