CLOSED Time Out on Game Start Issue

Mac Technical Support
Can we get a confirmation that this is a server issue or do I need to start trying to fix this myself...? What's the deal, Blizzard? Sounds like you've got quite a few people experiencing this issue right now...
It's rather weird I can access Euro but am having difficulty getting on America servers.
It is really getting ridiculous. I know it is free and other free games are even worse, but everywhere I have looked everyone has experienced this before and it is a pain. We plebes need some bliz love
Yeah Man. Having same issue here. Arena on my IPAD. Thing keeps crashing to the IOS screen but its showing "timed out connecting to Servers". Had same issue on my PC. What the dealio? I entered it again 10 minutes later - Stated I lost a match because I was disconnected????? WTF is that.
I'm xperiencing the sma problem :(
I'm not able to play from my macbook pro
plz help me
it's a great game
same here

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