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Every 30 seconds or so my game freezes and goes not responding for about 15 seconds. It then recovers and plays normally for 30 seconds then freezes. This happens no matter where I am at in the game (main menu, collection menu, searching for game, in game, etc.) It doesn't matter what I'm doing or where I'm at it freezes the game. This is very frustrating especially with the timer. This began happening about a week ago. I had no issues prior to this. Sometimes if it freezes in the middle of playing a card the card will bug out.

I have used the repair tool multiple times.
I have reinstalled the game via 3 times
I have used the freeze instructions all the way through on the troubleshooting page twice
All of my drivers are up to date.
I'm using Windows 8.1 on a dual monitor system that has a Core i7 3770, 16 GB of ram, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570.

So basically I am lost on what could be the problem. No other game has this problem whether they are Blizzard Games ( WoW, Diablo 3) or other games such as Rift, or Torchlight.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am currently not playing the game and I do spend money on new decks. Thanks.
...and its not yet another cleaner since I don't have it. And it's not my antivirus since I uninstalled it and the problem persists.
Yes, this pretty much describes my problems as well: lag, freezes, disconnect followed by automatic reconnects or disconnects that kick you out of the game.

5/31/2014 2:57 EST

Blizzard acknowledged the problem today, and I believe they have fixed the latency and disconnect issues.
They have to a certain degree & I realise your own internet provider has something to do with it as well but it's getting kind of ridiculous at this stage now.

- Mid-turn freezing
- Battle net not responding
- Timing out & missing turns
- Reconnects to UNKNOWN matches which you become stuck in

Slight bugs but annoying when you come across them.
I have the exact same problem and it just recently appeared :/ I don't see what changed! Maybe I only installed a newer Nvidia driver but that's all.
You are resurrecting an old thread, so lots may have changed. If you are on Win 8 / 8.1 this is likely related to the bugs with the recent patches.
This happens to me on an iPad mini too. Except I have to close the app & relaunch it once I realize that it has frozen. I've lost half a dozen games due to this and I can't find a reason since I have great signal strength & internet speed. Help for non PCs?
Non PC help (for mobile) would be over in the mobile forums. You might want to post / peek around in there.

Though I would recommend verifying it's not your connection by taking your iPad to a different connection point and testing if you can play there.

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