My current game lost

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Here is the situations
I upgraded my iPad to version 7.1. Then I have to install this game again.
I typed the wrong password when I did logging in. The account locked.
I unlocked it in and when I got log in my game started at the beginning.
My account name Monstaaa. I have been playing for almost 2 months.
I even got a legend for warlock. What should I do. I don't want to play at the beginning.
Can the support restore my game back.
Hi Monstaa,

It looks like you signed into the wrong account. I was able to track down your other Account with all of the Hearthstone progress on it. It is very similar to your current email, but one letter is off. Switch the j for a g, and that is the email you need to sign in with. :)

If you require further assistance, contact Customer Support.
Technical Support: Sunday-Thursday, 12pm - 9pm Pacific Time
How am I doing? // \\
Thank you very much
Then I can continue :)
It's my bad that I have registered the wrong email at the first place T_T

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