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I have read so many reports of this problem and tried so many suggestions and NOTHING has worked for me. Everything has been working fine until today, when I ran the battle.net launcher and got the message "Waiting on another installation or update..."
I have no other Blizzard games currently installed, and there is no security software running.

I'm on a new iMac, but the problem also occurred at the same time on a separate Macbook laptop. This is what I've tried:
1. Quitting all other apps and terminated all non-system processes running in Activity Manager
2. Bypassed the Web and Secure Web proxies needed at this location to make Skype work, also tried with the proxies enabled.
3. Deleted the Battle.net and Blizzard folders from Users-->Shared
4. Removed all Hearthstone and battle.net installations and attempted to reinstall. That took FOREVER and it stalled at 65%. I had to copy the game files from another Mac which also had the same "Waiting on another..." error, so now I'm back to the original problem.

PLEASE let me know what additional information you need so I can resolve this. VERY frustrating.
Thanks in advance

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