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Hi Hearthstone team,

After a few months of trying, I am still unable to play on my Mac as the game constantly gets stuck during the saloon doors screen. The icon is still flashing and I am able to chat with my friends, the game just does not go past that screen and as a result I can't access the playing modes. I have tried the measures shown here but am still facing this problem -

Kindly help with this, thank you.
Hi hearthstone team, any help on this?
Can you tell me a bit more about your Mac, Vendetta? Do you run any security applications, or have the Mac OS Firewall enabled?

In addition, if you navigate to Applications > Hearthstone, you'll find a file called ConnectLog.txt. Can you please open and copy/paste the contents of that file for me?
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I have the exact issue, but I am on Windows 8.1. The game starts, but gets stuck at the saloon doors screen. If I press ENTER it tells me that I don't have any friends online. The game became unresponsive after I crafted a Mechanical Yeti while the only copy of it was in the deck I was building. After crafting it, the game stopped responding to mouse clicks and I had to close it.

The ConnectLog.txt file contains this:

process attached
Tue Jun 30 21:15:17 2015 [MAIN] client.config says aurora.version.source='product'
Tue Jun 30 21:15:17 2015 [LOCS] 11010= <------------------------------------- error
Tue Jun 30 21:15:20 2015 [ACCO] AccountListener.OnSubscriptionActive entity=67096257
Tue Jun 30 21:15:21 2015 [ACCO] AccountListener.OnAccountLevelInfoUpdated account=315075014 currency=USD accountRegion=1 currentRegion=1 country=CAN
Tue Jun 30 21:15:21 2015 [ACCO] AccountListener.OnSubscriptionActive entity=315075014
Tue Jun 30 21:15:21 2015 [GAME] 34200=
Tue Jun 30 21:15:21 2015 [AURA] Marshal Error feature=2 event=18 code=34200 name=

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