Problem freezing games. Spinning wheel.

Mac Technical Support
Hey guys Im using a macbook pro Maverick. Hearthstone has been laggy. Everytime I would go to practice or rank or casual the spinning wheel would come up for at least seconds or a minute. When I cast spells or minions or hero powers sometimes it will freeze and the spinning wheel would appear. The iPad seems to be working legit. Guess ill use the iPad version for now. any help thanks.
its terrible most of the last days it just stucks... play a card and it takes up 1 min... its impossible to play, so sad that its not propper working cause i really like the game..
on the ipad people on a computer hold a card and bug you out!

well hope they fix their damn servers soon cause i have a propper connection with a new macbook and it was working plenty times very well. so it cant be me :)

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