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When the long-anticipated Curse of Naxxramas came out yesterday, I began experiencing a number of problems: no patch being available, battle.net getting stuck updating and so on and so forth.

To solve the issues with battle.net I followed every possible advice I could find online: clearing cache, deleting battle.net folder, reinstalling the launcher, editing the proxy list and firewall settings, deleting Agent process using the Activity monitor.

After all of these mad shenanigans, I managed to get my battle.net working and updated (yay). However, it can no longer locate the game folder. When launched, it presents two options: to install the game or to locate the existing folder.
If I select 'locate' and set the path to the folder, it just gets stuck on 'locating...' and nothing happens.
If i select install, an installation window is launched, but the 'start installation' button is inactive (no matter be the existing game on the disk on in the trash)

Does anyone know what can possibly be done about this?

Got the same issue,

Load to the first Hearthstone screen that you usually click through but just stalls.

Fix it Blizzard!
Got the same issue,

Same here! ><
I have the same thing but I get a "We're having a problem transferring data" message if I try to reinstall or locate Hearthstone.
To add to the above: the installation doesn't start for any of the blizzard games (I tried launching Diablo installation, but encountered the same issue of 'start install' being inactive)

Launching hearthstone directly from it's folder doesn't work either - the hearthstone window opens and closes, and battle.net starts 'locating...' the folder.
Ok, so it would appear that my problems are caused by my battle.net Agent always failing to respond since the naxx patch. Any ideas on how to fix this when redownloading/deleting parts of the battle.net app doesn't work?

Edit: I was looking to manually update the Agent but the only page I found with the patch files hasn't been updated since April. The search continues.

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