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Cash or Gold purchase: Gold

Error received (if any): Stuck on "Waiting for Authorization".

Restarted client multiple times. Somtimes the authorization window doesn't show up, sometimes it shows up alone and somtimes with "Items ordered: 1x Plague Quarter" above it. Still missing my 700 gold.
Cash or Gold purchase: Gold

Error received (if any): Tried to buy entrance into the Plague Quarter and after 700 gold got subtracted from my savings I got stuck with the message "waiting for authorization".

After closing and reopening the game I got the gold refunded but whenever I try to enter the shop one way or another I get the same message "waiting for authorization".
Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received (if any): i had the purchase failure message multiple times. Then authorisation message and fail again. I tried to relog multiple times and all this was 1h ago...lost more than 1000 gold :S
PC - Gold Purchase

Fist time - Transaction failure - 700 gold gone

Second time - Waiting authorization - gold restored

Now clicking on "buy" button makes appear "waiting authorization" without let me choose gold or money.

Several restart, same situation. Stuck on Waiting authorization. No gold taken

EDIT: Now the "waiting authorization" is gone, he let me select gold or money, when click on money this window appears: Purchase failed. You have another transaction that is still in progress. Please wait for that to complete and try again.
PC, Gold purchase, 700 Gold lost.
Edit: Gold is back after ~ 10 mins
Same here i lost 700 Gold
Gold purchase, Waiting for Authorisation window for 10 minutes, exited, gold gone but no wing access.
Was at 1050 gold tried to purchase with gold failed at auchentication tried 2 more time and failed at the same spot.

went to play some ranked while waiting on it to be fixed and then suddenly realized I had 0 gold(at 20 gold now after wining a few games).

Clearly there is some problems with the gold that needs to be refunded and I'm sure Blizz will do so, but what I'd like to know is while blizz does everything they can to fix these problems is it safe for us to play normal games and finish quests and such earning more gold? or will that just complicate things even more?
Gold purchase
Error: purchase failed

Gold was gone but the wing is still locked
Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received (if any):
I had 820 gold, bought the wing and waited a while for the authorisation.
Restarted hearthstone, 700 gold gone (120 left) and message still told me to wait.
Restarted several times again, sometimes it asks me to pay for wing and sometimes it tells me to wait for authorisation.

Edit: Got my 700 gold back but now i'm stuck with the authorisation screen again.
Gold purchase, "purchase declined" twice.
Relog and missing 700 g, still not open after over an hour.
I bought the wing on EU with Gold andreceiver an "authenticating" screen. Then the Game crashed.
After restarting i lost 1400 gold and the wing unlocked after i clicked on the Arena icon.
Purchase Receipt
Order Date: 22 Jul 2014
Order #: 169301938
Naxxramas Adventure (4 Wings) - $19.99
Payment method: Visa
Item Subtotal: $19.99 USD
Tax: $0.00 USD
Grand Total: $19.99 USD
Americas Server
PC user

cannot get into plague quarter wing at all, all wings show purchased but the plague quarter wing is not "unlocking" for me to play. The class challenge and heroic mode are also not updated, i cannot do the plague quarter challenges in those either
I tried to purchase Plague Quarter with Gold on EU server. The error I received was "Authorization Failed". I got this error about 4 times until on 5th attempt I unlocked the content; but the 2340g I saved up for months was down to 250g :(
Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
error: after many tries i finally unlocked the quarter but it cost me 1400 gold
PC - Gold purchase
Error: Purchase failed

Lost 700 gold, the second wing is still locked.
Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received (if any): I got 1180 gold i tryed to purchase 2nd wing but it failed, i retryed after a few seconds but i got an infinite loading screen. Then Hearthstone client crashed i relogged in and my gold were gone and no 2nd wing.
Server: EU
Time of Transaction: 12:03 (Rough estimate, relogged at 12:01 and purchased)
Cash or Gold: Gold
Error Received: First transaction attempt froze on the waiting for authentication screen, I was forced to manually close HS. Logged back in 700g down and the quarter was still locked. I attempted to purchase it again, using gold method, to see if it would unlock with charging as a fix. Instead, the same process occurred as the first time. Waiting for authentication and froze, left for 15 minutes to respond, forced to manually close program again. I tried, yet 1 last time before making this post at 12:20 in the hope that the error was caused by the mass influx of people making purchases. Again same result, no cigar unfortunately.
07/29/2014 03:47 PMPosted by Awesome
Cash or Gold purchase: Gold
Error received (if any):The first failed tries I received a message that stated something about "Gold purchase failed". After a few more tries the authorization window showed up only to tell me later that the authorization failed.


^ This sums it up for me, kept failing and rarely the "waiting for authorization" popped up but failed as well after a while, after restarting the game; gold gone but wing still locked.
Platform: Mac

Purchase currency: 700 Gold

Error: Stuck on "waiting for authorization" for 15 mins before forced application quit.

Additional Info: Restarted Hearthstone, 700 gold missing and 2nd wing remains locked.
Play Mode is working.
Too scared of losing gold to the bug if arena is the same.

Request: Blue post confirming missing gold will be reimbursed when fixed, please.

- Update -

Everything is running fine now, I got my key for the 700 gold spent after I restarted Hearthstone. Thanks to the team for the fast bug fix.

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