Random game freezes

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Hearthstone was fine yesterday, but after today's patch i've been experiencing lagg about ever 40 seconds from the start of the program during every page. play, in-game, collection, shop, everything.

Not to beat a dead horse, but i played a different game to check my connection and it was hearthstone alone.

Please and thank you for fixing it advance.
Has anyone tried playing in Compatibility mode for Windows 7? Locate your Hearthstone folder it should be in your "C:\Program Files (x86)" by default if not in whatever location you installed it in. Open the Hearthstone folder and right click on the "Hearthstone" application icon and properties, than click on the Compatibility tab. Under the Compatibility mode section CHECK the Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows 7 apply settings and close it. Than run the Battle.net app and try Hearthstone see if this helps any.
Having the same issue...

Nvidia GTX 680/Driver 340.52
Windows 8.1

Happens when I ALT-TAB to the desktop or run in windowed mode.
Same problem

Win 8.0 64-bit
AMD Radeon 7900 Series

Windows 8.0 Pro
AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series
Driver version:
windows 8
nvidea card
driver 340.52
Seriously annoying as !@#$.

Lost / misplayed several games because of it. Only started today - after the last patch
In my case the computer (windows 8.1) freezes after closing Hearthstone. For 20-40 seconds a service (Remote Call procedure) eats up at least 40-50% processing power. After 20-40 seconds windows closes it and everything is normal again but I can really hear the fan of my processor spin up during this time. Sometimes there are framerate issues during playing the game as well.

Windows 8.1
8 GB Ram
Nvidia 760 GTX (driver 340.52)
Samsung 250GB SSD
around 10 second freezes for me every 2-3 minutes, in my turn only, never in oponents turn

win 8 (not 8.1) 64 bit
intel Core i5
GeForce GT 640M
driver 306.97


it did not download any patch for me, just started happening today out of the blue

And another one. Fix your !@#$
Seem to be win 8.0 related.

Hope a fix soon...
And another one. Fix your !@#$
Yes i noticed after this update Patch

"Added support for touch based windows 8 PC's"

However now my windows 8 64bit pc (not touch based) cant play the game without freezing once every minute.
Each time it freezes for about 10 seconds.

Really annoying
its getting worse and worse, impossible to play ranked or arena
Indeed, cba playing arena with these random freezes...
Here's what it looks like for me http://imgur.com/Ve3CBe7 ..... FPS and GPU usage both drop to 0 for like 20 seconds
Windows 8 64 Bit
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M x2 (SLI is active)
GeForce 340.52 Driver

The game's not just slowing down for 10-15 seconds, it's closer to a full minute or more for me. It's like playing with a constant Nozdormu (the rope tends to show up on my turn or theirs roughly 2 seconds after freezing) except it's painfully slow, if that makes sense.
same here ... lost my first 2 Arena matches because i didn't do anything for 5 F-ing turns because the game freezes every !@#$%^- time ... don't u test your patches how it will effect the gameplay? .... it's annoying as hell ....
I am having the same problem. When this occurs, I can still move the mouse around, and my twitch stream on the other monitor still runs smooth, but the hearthstone game has a static image frozen in place. When the game unfreezes, you have not missed any actions ( i.e., you attack with a minion, but before it hits your opponent's face, the game freezes. After the game resumes, you will see the minion hit your opponents face and you will not have "missed" the face hitting animation because of the freeze).


Windows 8.0 64 bit
AMD radeon 7950
Driver version:

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