waiting for authorization got stuck

Technical Support
Why does it take so long to fix this problem ?
me too ,the problem kept for 2 days wtf.
bcs they need to get in contact with the paypal support aswell
update: still stuck
Update: Blizzard still incompetent piece of !@#$.
i've been stuck for 15 days. Blizzard have not helped thus far, I feel left in the lurch a bit =/
Been stucked in that stupid "Waiting For Authorization" Screen since 31st July till now.

Spoke to a couple of Game Master from the support side (Not much use)

Spoke to Apple Support Side (Agreed to refund me the purchase I made for that Arena)

Posted on the Bug Reporting Side (No Reply)

Posted on the Technical Support Side (No Reply)

Currently trying to ladder up using old decks eg. Miracle Rouge, Handlock (still work well) but couldn't get to unlock the dungeon, play arena nor unlock any pack!

What the hell is happening seriously?

Currently I am trying to get my new deck done but I can't! Its frustrating!
I have been stuck for 4 days now. Very unimpressed with Blizzard's response.
I got stuck for weeks please blizzard fix it so I can give you more money.

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