pressing "play" makes go down so I cant play

Technical Support
topic pretty much says it all, no prob last night or a few hours ago but now it fails to start any suggestions on how to solve?

I startupp the game thought pressing "play" in battlenet
bump, I cant play the game any suggestions?
would love a GM/whatever in blue to tell me which kind of informations you need from me to fix this, since yesterday at 10 I havent been abel to start up the game

I can add that game in a way load up, it starts up in a window. Inside this window everything is mirrowed so my "shop" and "questlog" now is at the top left side instead of buttom left side (this reverses sometimes after a few minutes but only sometimes. I can see that under "options" it's no longer checked to be in fullscreenmode, I try to press that but cant and then game crashes and I cant play at all.

All my drivers are still uptodate, which they were before your patch and still is so my guess is that it's a fault at your end.......any eta on when I will be abel to play the newest quarter which I so far have tried one boss only off...... :(

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