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Ever since the release of the Plague Wing, I was unable to play it from the blue circle of authorization. After Blizzard has refunded my gold, I am unable to purchase any of the wings since the Shop is Closed on my account (I have tried multiple PCs and Ipads and the same issue persists).

Is anyone else still expereiencing this issue? Thank you.
i am still experiencing this issue. ive sent in numerous tickets about it, and all im being told every single day is that its still being worked on and that its their #1 issue. hard to believe since its been 2+ weeks.. shop forever closed
Same boat bro, we are stuck with worthless digital gold I'm afraid...
Yes, I've been experiencing the same issue for more than 2 weeks.
Me as well, sucks!
Same here, for almost a month.
Be sure to post in the mobile forums. Someone in a different thread said this happened to them after making a purchase on the iPad, so it may be something going on with the account after interacting with the iPad store.
I'M HAVING THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM! I haven't heard anything back from anyone. I have put in 2 tickets and have sent out various tweets to BlizzardCS. I really wanna play but it seems really pointless me racking up gold and not able to buy new packs from it. :( I just want this to be fixed. What's the deal?!

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