I still can't unlock Plague Quarter ...

Technical Support
As of now, it's still stuck on "Waiting for Authorization" for me. I've deleted my Battle.net cache folder and files, and uninstalled then reinstalled the desktop app. After that, I tried deleting my Hearthstone folder and had it reinstalled on my PC.

I contacted a GM about it and he/she suggested I'd contact a dev or tech support agent through the forums here.
Several other people are stuck on this as well -- you are not the only one. Most people have been stuck for days. Some people have been charged 20x times for it -- check your bank account...

It's been a huge mess. Stay away for a while.
Oh dear, so there's still a bunch of people with this problem then? Most threads related to this issue died out and people ingame have all the new Naxx cards so I thought I was almost the only one with this problem.

I didn't make the purchases with my credit card, but with gold, and I wasn't charged many times for it so that's a relief, I guess :P

Yeah, it is a pretty big mess, isn't it? I'm gonna wait 1-2 more weeks and give you an update then.
Yes its a big issue.

I'm also stuck now for like 5 days (others have been for 2-3 weeks now). They are working on the issue but it sure does take long.

I really don't understand how can it take so long since Hearthstone isn't such a complex game and blizzard has lots of talented programmers that know what they are doing.

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