Hearthstone - Battle not starting/weak connection

Technical Support
Hello. Few weeks ago, I have downloaded Hearthstone. The game ran well for me, but only for first few games. So, when I would go and start a battle with someone (AI, Players, Naxxramas) the game would start, and I the game board would be shown to me, I would get no starting cards, and the heroes (after the innkeeper annouces (hero's name) vs (hero's name) wouldn't say anything. I posted about the same problem in bug reports forum and I was told to post it here. Also I was told that it could be a weak connection issue, but I have no access to the connection's strength and speed. If someone could help me to fix this issue, I would be extremely thankful, because I can't play ranked games. Also, sometimes, the game starts normally and the game works as it's meant to work, but after 2-3 normal games it stops working again. If you need any more details, I can provide them, just say what you need and I will respond.

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