Servers Down?

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Was playing an Arena match when my opponent's turn never ended. Eventually I manually shut down the game and tried to re-login, but I got a "Closed" message saying "Your game timed out as it was requesting data from the Hearthstone utility service. Please relaunch Hearthstone to reconnect."

On a side note, I'll comment that all of the Closed screens are lacking a close button. When you're playing in full screen mode, that's a usability problem, because it requires the user to understand how to kill an application manually.
Heh, I guess clicking anywhere in the app works to close it on those screens. Not very obvious: still needs a call to action.
yup. judging from all the threads popping up. look's like servers are down
Same thing happened to me, though as I was about to lose my Arena game I'm not too upset at the moment.

On your side note - Simply clicking in the middle of the error message closed Hearthstone for me without any extra manual labor required. Though that aside there should still clearly be a close button or indicator of some sort.
yeah. im not too mad about it anyways though sine its beta. whatevers
Same thing happened to me.... I was thinking to myself... "why is there no timer in arena between turns" because the other player was taking ages.... heh .... was d/ced...
I was just trying to log in after starting the game from the launcher, and also, no dice. Curse you servers, please come back up immediately!!!
I was like why is the opponent taking so long and why doesn't that rope in the middle appear after you take too long to make a move. Maybe something happened like someone said It's still Beta and even out of Beta things can get bad. Have a nap , go to sleep or watch a movie ;) <3
Is there a server status page?
Mine is doing the same thing :\
I cannot log back in.... can someone from bliz let us know whats up?

Coming Soon?
Confirmed. Servers are down.
What I actually wanted was confirmation that they were coming back up!
I just got in. Severs seem to be back up.
Why can't we play offline? practice mode is just bots right?
I cant get on and its December 16 b the way
Eu servers are dead since 2 days now is there any way to change region with it? I want to play so baaaaaaadly :(
you can change region, just log out of and change the region from the log in screen, just above your username.

the problem is when I do that and click play, some close message appears.
Oops! Playful sprites have disrupte Hearthstone as it was linking up to the service. Please wait a fes minutes to them to disperse and try re-launching the game."
So it doesnt help me a lot

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