Forum not Displayed Properly on iPad

Mac Technical Support
Hi everyone, I know this might be a small issue, but currently the iPad displays the Hearthstone part of shifted to the left. It is not possible to view next pages of topics, or click anywhere on the right side of the screen.

It seems like it's not being scaled properly , but oddly enough all of the other forums work perfectly.

I'm currently on an iPad 3rd generation.
Like this on my mad, too.
Mac. Funny, I can't get to the edit button on this page so I had to enter a whole new post to fix the typo.
Still seems to be an issue a few weeks later. I hope this gets fixed at some point. With the game eventually being released for ios devices, it would be really annoying to have to swap off my ipad to go read the forums.
Yes, I've also noticed this issue.

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