Freeze during arena match

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1st round arena match against Sakeboss. On his turn 2 he plays defias guy, plays shadowstep and the ally should go back to his hand, but hangs on screen back side up. His hero keeps repeating the thinking emote and the turn never passes.
The exact same thing happened to me just a couple of minutes ago. We keep emoting each other, so i know that none of us dc and i tried conceding, but the game didn't let us do so.
We're playing on constructed, only diference
Here's a screenshot of the play
The exact same thing happened to me
I played Chewbax (Warlock and when he had 6 cards remaining and his turn came he stopped doing anything
and started repeating "So many possiblities" and "I wonder..."

nothing seems to work in order to continute the game

this was my third game in the arena and if i lose it i lose the whole 3 matches ...

very very annoying bug
I can t log in anymore .....
I've had the same problem. Freezes during arena, I can't do anything but my character keeps saying "I wonder" etc. Then I lost the match. Very frustrating. This was my first match so it was free, but if money were involved I'd be very upset. I don't want to try again for fear of losing real money.
Kicked out of Arena during a game. Again!!

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