Lost Crafted Card: Shadowform (repro)

Technical Support
  • I disenchanted a slew of cards tonight totaling around 970 Arcane Dust.
  • I then began crafting Shadowform cards (but this was my first time crafting so didn't know I had to click on the crafted card after making it)
  • During this time, I removed all cards from my custom deck -- ended up corrupting the list (it remained blank and I couldn't see what was being added)
  • I quit the game and returned, then I REALLY crafted the Shadwoform cards
  • I then quit the game again and returned
  • Went to build my deck and only have 1x Shadowform despite it consuming 800 of my Arcane Dust. No idea where the other Shadowform went :(
  • Quit the game again and returned -- still missing the other Shadowform and the Arcane Dust used to create it is also gone
There is currently a few bugs with crafting, due to it being beta you can't get your dust refunded. But don't worry all items/cards etc will be wiped before launch so you haven't lost anything.
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